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Zoro - Restaurant

Zoro - Restaurant
Business Phone: 679 617 224 Business Fax: n/a
Business Website: No Website
Business Description: El Zoro restaurant offers the best choice for traditional barbequed meat,Which can be enjoyed in a nice, family atmosphere- El zoros resturante are the experts here in Tenerife and have been preparing authentic barbeque for a combined total of over 30 years. Our fine meats are always prepared to our high standards of quality and consistency.

Come to our excellently decorated and extremely welcoming resturante for the BBQ dining pleasure. Enjoy a cocktail in our bar or indulge in your favorite barbeque in the open air, Private parties are also available Wedding Parties, Romantic Meals,Family Dinners, Receptions,Christmas Parties. Any special events you may have planned

To arrange or discuss any of your needs or requirements contact us on 679 617 224

We willl be more than happy to help.

Business Announcements: BBQ barbaque,traditional barbequed meat,
Business Category: Restaurants - Speciality in Tenerife
Business Hours: 5.30 til late Monday til Saturday closed Sundays
Business Address: Chayofa Country Club
  Arona, Chayofa, Tenerife

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