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Business Pages Tenerife is Tenerife's biggest business directory for English speaking residents.

Business Pages Tenerife provides business numbers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, bridging residents and visitors to every established business in Tenerife. If you need a telephone number for a local service or business you can rely on

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Building and Construction in Tenerife [4705]

Interiors in Tenerife [334], Heating and Installation in Tenerife [157], ... All Building and Construction in Tenerife companies

Business Services in Tenerife [6898]

Insurance in Tenerife [404], Hire & Rental in Tenerife [546], ... All Business Services in Tenerife companies

Cat Boarding [734]

Holiday Services in Tenerife [514], Pets in Tenerife [220], ... All Cat Boarding companies

Communication in Tenerife [1590]

Design in Tenerife [104], Printing in Tenerife [283], ... All Communication in Tenerife companies

Computers and the Internet in Tenerife [486]

Computers in Tenerife [358], Internet in Tenerife [128], ... All Computers and the Internet in Tenerife companies

Education and Employment in Tenerife [572]

Further Education & Training in Tenerife [227], Childcare in Tenerife [143], ... All Education and Employment in Tenerife companies

Entertainment in Tenerife [5289]

Corporate & Business Events in Tenerife [492], Days Out in Tenerife [310], ... All Entertainment in Tenerife companies

Financial in Tenerife [1510]

Debt in Tenerife [0], Legal in Tenerife [467], ... All Financial in Tenerife companies

Food and Drink in Tenerife [3561]

Food & Drink Supplies in Tenerife [401], Eating out in Tenerife [884], ... All Food and Drink in Tenerife companies

Gardening in Tenerife [865]

Garden Tools & Supplies in Tenerife [498], Landscaping & Design in Tenerife [68], ... All Gardening in Tenerife companies

Health and Beauty in Tenerife [4209]

Tattoos & Piercing in Tenerife [24], Beauty Supplies in Tenerife [258], ... All Health and Beauty in Tenerife companies

House and Home in Tenerife [11375]

Tools in Tenerife [482], Home Emergencies in Tenerife [341], ... All House and Home in Tenerife companies

Insurance Services in Tenerife [404]

Insurance in Tenerife [404], ... All Insurance Services in Tenerife companies

Legal and The Law in Tenerife [638]

The Law in Tenerife [171], Legal in Tenerife [467], ... All Legal and The Law in Tenerife companies

Leisure and Hobbies in Tenerife [2421]

Music in Tenerife [163], Further Education & Training in Tenerife [227], ... All Leisure and Hobbies in Tenerife companies

Manufacturers and Engineers in Tenerife [993]

Metal & Metal Goods Manufacturing in Tenerife [8], Engineers & Engineering in Tenerife [140], ... All Manufacturers and Engineers in Tenerife companies

Media in Tenerife [782]

Advertising, Promotions and Marketing in Tenerife [202], Reprograhic Services in Tenerife [10], ... All Media in Tenerife companies

Motoring in Tenerife [2182]

Taxis & Chauffeurs in Tenerife [104], Motorcycles in Tenerife [63], ... All Motoring in Tenerife companies

Property [3992]

Newbuild/leaseback [1], Music Bars/Discos [1], Under Construction [2], House [140], ... All Available Property

Public and Social Services in Tenerife [4480]

Environment & Conservation in Tenerife [38], Funerals & Bereavement in Tenerife [60], ... All Public and Social Services in Tenerife companies

Shops in Tenerife [4075]

Home & Garden Goods in Tenerife [875], Clothes Shops in Tenerife [412], ... All Shops in Tenerife companies

Sports in Tenerife [800]

Sports Equipment & Services in Tenerife [2], Motor Sports & Activities in Tenerife [11], ... All Sports in Tenerife companies

Tourism in Tenerife [2162]

Days Out in Tenerife [310], Camping and Caravanning in Tenerife [13], ... All Tourism in Tenerife companies

Transport in Tenerife [595]

Removals in Tenerife [42], Rail Transport in Tenerife [0], ... All Transport in Tenerife companies

Weddings in Tenerife [2723]

Wedding Photos & Videos in Tenerife [33], Wedding Planning in Tenerife [406], ... All Weddings in Tenerife companies

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Whats new in Tenerife, The Canary Islands and Europe

Previous PageBelow you will find up to date news and information regarding Tenerife, The Canary Islands and Europe from the following websites: Janet Anscombe In Tenerife and BBC News Europe.

Latest Tenerife News Stories from Janet Anscombe In Tenerife ...

Adeje IBI (local rates) reductions for large families

Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced IBI (local rates) reductions for large families living in the municipality. The council says that a ‘familia númerosa’ is generally considered a family with two parents and three or more children. Adeje mayor Fraga said that the measure, which will allow families with five or more members to benefit from IBIs reduced by between 40 and 90%, had been approved at council level and would go towards helping families. “Our borough is constantly advancin ..

Carnaval in Tenerife 2016

Update 12 February: As the Semana Grande of the Santa Cruz carnival comes to a close with the Carnaval del Día tomorrow and the Gran Fin de Fiesta on Sunday (link), the Los Cristianos Carnaval is starting to gear up. Yesterday in the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre, Arona Mayor José Julián Mena, municipal tourism councillor David Pérez, and fiestas councillor Pura Martín officially unveiled the carnival poster and full programme, which will see the town transformed between 4 and 14 ..

Residents clamour for an end to Los Abrigos roadworks

Photo: Ashotel. There have been quiet references, but no real noise, about the ongoing roadworks in Los Abrigos which started around a year ago and which appear to have ground to a halt five or so months ago. As one local resident says, “most of the on street parking has been turned into an enormous footpath about 15 meters wide. Work then stopped leaving deep trenches across the road and raised man hole covers. Rather than being improved the town has been turned into something resemblin ..

Cabildo-Ayuntamiento joint body agrees on Barranco del Infierno reopening

photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento The joint TenerifeCabildo-Adeje Ayuntamiento commission with representatives from the department of the environment has announced that the company charged with care and control and visitor management of the Barranco del Infierno has been told that it may proceed with the reopening of this popular walk once cleaning, drainage and path clearance works are completed. Both sides were in agreement at the need to maintain the strict security measures in place and extend them ..

Teide is NOT on red alert for eruption – reports saying it is are hoaxes

I haven’t seen the reports myself but it seems that they’re now starting to do the rounds … so to be clear, there is NO red alert for imminent eruption of Teide, not even a small one: there is absolutely no official source nor any basis for any such stories, which are hoaxes. Furthermore, there have been no vibrations registered over recent weeks leading to the Cabildo or the observatory issuing statements that the emergency plan is on standby: again there is absolutely no of ..

European news from the BBC ...

Spaniard pulls six-year sickie

A Spanish civil servant is fined after not going to work for at least six years, which was only noticed when he became eligible for a long service award.

VIDEO: Macedonia fortifies border with Greece

The BBC's Richard Galpin reports from the Greece-Macedonia border, where a second razor wire fence is being constructed to stop illegal migrants in their tracks.

Deutsche Bank announces bond buyback

Deutsche Bank announces that it is to buy back more than $5bn (£3.5bn) of its own debt.

Building collapses in Istanbul

A five-storey building collapses in the centre of the Turkish city of Istanbul, but it is unclear if there are any casualties.

Macedonia tries to stop migrant flow

Macedonia's neighbours send police to curb migrant influx

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