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Business Pages Tenerife is Tenerife's biggest business directory for English speaking residents.

Business Pages Tenerife provides business numbers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, bridging residents and visitors to every established business in Tenerife. If you need a telephone number for a local service or business you can rely on

If you own a business in Tenerife you are entitled to a business listing online and in the published directory, follow this link to register your business now.

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Building and Construction in Tenerife [4709]

Air Conditioning and Ventilation in Tenerife [99], Roofing in Tenerife [9], ... All Building and Construction in Tenerife companies

Business Services in Tenerife [6911]

Estate Agents in Tenerife [1073], Insurance in Tenerife [407], ... All Business Services in Tenerife companies

Cat Boarding [735]

Pets in Tenerife [221], Holiday Services in Tenerife [514], ... All Cat Boarding companies

Communication in Tenerife [1596]

Displays, Signs & Posters in Tenerife [61], Postal Services in Tenerife [4], ... All Communication in Tenerife companies

Computers and the Internet in Tenerife [490]

Internet in Tenerife [130], Computers in Tenerife [360], ... All Computers and the Internet in Tenerife companies

Education and Employment in Tenerife [578]

Further Education & Training in Tenerife [229], Employment Services in Tenerife [28], ... All Education and Employment in Tenerife companies

Entertainment in Tenerife [5296]

Corporate & Business Events in Tenerife [493], Eating out in Tenerife [884], ... All Entertainment in Tenerife companies

Financial in Tenerife [1515]

Banks and Building Societies in Tenerife [240], Insurance in Tenerife [407], ... All Financial in Tenerife companies

Food and Drink in Tenerife [3575]

Food & Drink Supplies in Tenerife [411], Food Shops in Tenerife [803], ... All Food and Drink in Tenerife companies

Gardening in Tenerife [867]

Plants & Planting in Tenerife [68], Garden Features & Furniture in Tenerife [71], ... All Gardening in Tenerife companies

Health and Beauty in Tenerife [4213]

Medical Emergencies in Tenerife [799], Alternative Health in Tenerife [81], ... All Health and Beauty in Tenerife companies

House and Home in Tenerife [11390]

Home Appliances in Tenerife [63], Estate Agents in Tenerife [1073], ... All House and Home in Tenerife companies

Insurance Services in Tenerife [407]

Insurance in Tenerife [407], ... All Insurance Services in Tenerife companies

Legal and The Law in Tenerife [639]

The Law in Tenerife [171], Legal in Tenerife [468], ... All Legal and The Law in Tenerife companies

Leisure and Hobbies in Tenerife [2430]

Further Education & Training in Tenerife [229], Collectables in Tenerife [70], ... All Leisure and Hobbies in Tenerife companies

Manufacturers and Engineers in Tenerife [1004]

Consumers Goods Manufacturing in Tenerife [231], Engineers & Engineering in Tenerife [141], ... All Manufacturers and Engineers in Tenerife companies

Media in Tenerife [783]

Photographers in Tenerife [33], Publishing in Tenerife [126], ... All Media in Tenerife companies

Motoring in Tenerife [2185]

Hiring a Car in Tenerife [396], Learning to Drive in Tenerife [102], ... All Motoring in Tenerife companies

Property [3992]

Aparthotel [53], Investments [10], Townhouse [308], Apartment [1942], ... All Available Property

Public and Social Services in Tenerife [4486]

Public Administration in Tenerife [294], Worship in Tenerife [127], ... All Public and Social Services in Tenerife companies

Shops in Tenerife [4081]

Clothes Shops in Tenerife [415], General Shops & Stores in Tenerife [490], ... All Shops in Tenerife companies

Sports in Tenerife [806]

Activities for Children in Tenerife [147], Winter Sports in Tenerife [18], ... All Sports in Tenerife companies

Tourism in Tenerife [2166]

Camping and Caravanning in Tenerife [13], Activities for Children in Tenerife [147], ... All Tourism in Tenerife companies

Transport in Tenerife [597]

Distribution & Haulage in Tenerife [211], Removals in Tenerife [42], ... All Transport in Tenerife companies

Weddings in Tenerife [2729]

Stationary in Tenerife [9], Wedding Planning in Tenerife [406], ... All Weddings in Tenerife companies

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Whats new in Tenerife, The Canary Islands and Europe

Previous PageBelow you will find up to date news and information regarding Tenerife, The Canary Islands and Europe from the following websites: Janet Anscombe In Tenerife and BBC News Europe.

Latest Tenerife News Stories from Janet Anscombe In Tenerife ...

Man dies after falling in rocky area of Candelaria coast

A 67-year-old man died this evening after falling in a rocky area at Playa Samarines in the Candelaria area. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly after 5pm with reports that the man had fallen and was in cardiac arrest. Bomberos rescued him from the area where he had fallen but ambulance crew were unable to resuscitate the poor man and he was declared dead at the scene. ..

Forest fires season 2017: not time yet for Tenerife to let down its guard as Gran Canaria fire now under control after claiming one life

Photo: Ejército del Aire Updated 24 September: All the indications are that the Gran Canaria fire “had a human origin”. This is not to say arson, that is not being alleged by fire investigation experts, but it seems that it is that or negligence. “Natural causes” have been ruled out as a possible cause. Updated 2.30pm: The Canarian Government has announced that the fire is now “under control”, and that the fire status has been reduced from Level 2 down to ..

Cyclist found dead in trail near Los Realejos

A 50-year-old cyclist died just before lunchtime today in Pista Las Trincheras, Los Realejos. Emergency services say that they were called out just before noon with reports that a cyclist had been found unconscious on the ground, and an ambulance and bomberos were dispatched, but nothing could be done for the man, and he was declared dead at the scene. His body has been taken to the Forensic Institute for an autopsy to try to establish the cause of death. ..

Tráfico taking part in Project Edward today

Today is Project Edward Day, a Europe-wide road safety day aiming to reduce the number of deaths on European roads, ideally to zero, but certainly down from the 26,300 people who died in 2015. Project Edward is coordinated by Tispol, the European Traffic Police Network, and the Guardia Civil have said that they will be part of the project, and will be out in force today throughout Spain, joining traffic police throughout Europe in enforcing road safety and reminding drivers about speed, phon ..

Queen of Spain in Tenerife to open new school year in poor area of La Laguna

Photos: Casa Real. Spain’s Queen Letizia was in Tenerife yesterday to inaugurate the new academic year in a public school in a far from privileged part of the island. The visit was to the San Matías area of La Laguna, a neighbourhood comprising many poor working families, and which has a primary and junior school with a renowned reputation for using innovative and integrating teaching models. Education for those who will struggle in finding employment is very clearly an area close to the ..

European news from the BBC ...

Bus crash in Austrian Alps averted after tourist applies brake

The passenger reached the brake moments before the vehicle left the road in the Alps, police say.

Germany election: Merkel wins fourth term, nationalists rise

The chancellor is re-elected but nationalists make a historic breakthrough, sparking protests.

Killer whales join in on Norway surfing competition

Two killer whales have been spotted alongside participants in the semi-finals of a surf contest in Norway.

Laver Cup 2017: Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal win first doubles match

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal win their first doubles match together on the second day of the inaugural Laver Cup.

Germany's other vote

Berliners hold a vote on the future of Tegel airport - and it has become a hot political issue.

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